Dear Clients,

I remember a moment in time - some decades ago - when I was facing a huge crossroads in life and this particular moment was a turning point.  I am sharing this with you because this particular moment has everything to do with why I do what I do - why I became a psychic oracle and healer.  The short answer is - when I realized I had no choice.  I did not choose this path - it chose me.  And, I am beyond grateful for this calling.

Quite honestly, my life just didn't work for me no matter how I went about it.  I had everything you can imagine that was supposed to make me happy.  I was a special risk insurance broker for Lloyd's of London.  As one of the only two women on the planet at that time to hold that distinction, I attracted and earned all of the trappings that our culture teaches us will make us happy.  

I was often a keynote speaker at international conventions, especially with regard to aircraft insurance.  I developed new special risk policies that were not available until I saw the need for them.  I had the privilege of working with Lloyd's for the underwriting of these unique coverages.  One example was coverage written for my clients, and for others, but available only through me to protect aircraft flying over communist occupied countries, in the event of confiscation of the aircraft.  

Other special risk accounts included insuring Hollywood, the celebrities themselves, their aircraft, yachts, entire movie productions, exotic cars, life insurance and estate planning.


I was proud of my work, had plenty of interesting things to do - socially and professionally - to keep me busy and engaged with what I thought was important at the time.

Then, why wasn't it working?  Because in my heart I knew I was not living the life that was calling me.

And, boy, was it calling.  It woke me up in the middle of the night.  It created a lot of internal restlessness and self-doubt about myself.  Why was I feeling this way?  Is there something wrong with me?  I questioned my sanity.  I had everything I had been taught would make me happy.  Then, what was wrong?  Why did I keep feeling that there was another side of this life on earth that I was missing?  And, where would I find it?

To further complicate matters, it got to the point that I could no longer ignore that I was different.  Where I grew up, if you knew someone's name that you had never met before or saw events before they happened, and could feel other's experiences empathically - not to mention so much more extra-sensory perception than what other's seemed to be experiencing, then you must be weird or maybe even crazy.  I remember thinking that perhaps everyone was the same way.  Maybe they just weren't talking about it either for fear of censor by their peers - just like me!

What happened next was huge for me.  I got a glimpse of my calling.  It happened when that life I described earlier fell apart.  As painful as it felt at the time, I realized finally that I had a choice.  I could pull my glitzy life back together in some kind of semblance of the way it had been, or I could take a chance - as if I really had a choice!  However, taking that chance would mean pursuing that glimpse that ignited my heart and lit a fire inside that propelled me onto a completely different path in my life.

Well, you might say, how great for you!  Your life must have been a piece of cake after that.

Oh no - far from it!

dolphin tat tattoo 07.jpg

Yet, that choice - that moment - has made all the difference in my life.  It created the challenge of opportunities to experience so much more.  I didn't know it all after all.  It was like learning a whole new way of life.  The things I used to think were so important - almost mandatory - practically dissolved as new priorities took their place.  

So here I am - thirty-two years later - using all those gifts I already had, and more that I have learned along the way to assist others in making their dreams come true.  This opportunity could not have come along without the gnawing in my gut since childhood that wouldn't go away.  As I realized I was called to serve in a bigger way - I asked, how do I do that?

My awakening arrived in the form of a major life crisis and the realization that the old status quo no longer works.

If this is one of those times for you, then I would be honored to share my insight through the gifts I have.  I would love to assist you in opening and expanding who you are.

I want you to discover and live your life, just like I did.  I have never taken that moment for granted.  It has allowed me to help not only myself but, literally,  hundreds of clients from all walks of life - to bring depth to every level of who they are and enrich their own personal journeys.

Thank you for allowing me to share my catalyst in this way.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In spirit,