Clients praise 

Mountain Sage...

Before Cully I was a skeptic...

I didn't want to believe in psychic abilities. In fact, I'd fought my own such abilities for years. Cully knew things about me, my loved ones and my situation that she could not have known any other way but psychic ability. I am more convinced than ever that life, knowledge, information, all of it is energy, and that some of us are primed to receive it more clearly than others. Cully is a gifted receiver, and a good and decent human being. The reading she gave me was life-changing. I am grateful to the universe for leading me to her.

– Alisa

I was fortunate to be introduced to Cully by a dear friend who gave me a reading for Christmas a few years ago. The reading was amazingly perceptive and on target as well as uplifting, giving me new insights and tools to transform my then current situation. Out of that reading came the possibility of working in the quantum with Cully and the Council of 14 .This work (Joy) has been hugely important and transformational for me. Each session the “Council” intuits what I need at that moment to help me move forward in this life on my personal quest for enlightenment, growth, peace, joy and happiness.  Cully and the Council of 14 have been a HUGE BLESSING  in my life! I look forward to every session and would recommend Cully to everyone. 


 The true sign of a connected intuitive counselor is that feeling of truth and correctness that a person gets during a reading. Not only do Cully's readings ring true in the moment, they continue to ring true (and pay dividends) in the future. More than once she has given me indications that have taken months or even years to materialize, but materialize they do - the true sign of a talented and connected counselor.

– Gregory

Since 2011, Cully’s insight as an intuitive is mirrored by her acumen as a teacher and guide. She has the ability to connect others to spiritual channels and vibrational frequencies they might never recognize without her guidance. Cully's energy is healing, enlightening, and simply genuine.

– Kay

She is awesome!!!! Our cat was missing for 30 hours, we were worried sick. She told me he was nearby and that if we walked the neighborhood and called out to him we would hear him. We found him right away, on the street next to ours. He was trapped on someone's rooftop and couldn't get down. Sage was right about us hearing him, when we called out his name he was just a howling at us. I am forever grateful and recommend Sage highly

– Louise

What an amazing reading...not one word she said was wasted; everything said was exactly how it is. She read me like a book. She read the two men in my life like a book. Very good personality reading! I highly recommend her and would call again.  

– Tao

Our calls are always too short. She is full of wisdom and I feel as though I am speaking with a friend. I hope things continue to move in a positive direction going into 2015. Speak to you soon! 

– Portia

Cully has been a trusted advisor for 8 years.  She is a skilled listener, drawing upon her resources to hear what is truly there.  Her ability to get to the heart of the matter and provide guidance in the most appropriate and effective way is impressive.  Cully is gifted, accurate and compassionate and I trust her completely.

 – Heidi

My quantum healing work with MS opened up a new world for me. So much has happened since my work with her and the rewards have been remarkable!! 

–  Laura

Since 2008, Cully has been helping me trudge through the difficulties and challenges of life. Without her incredible empathic, (and sympathetic) skills, she has helped to bring back my sanity, by confirming the things I already knew. Being empathic myself, I have a hard time wading through my own personal issues, but Cully has helped me to get through the darkest and most confusing times of my life. Thank you Cully!

– Sandi

Excellent. Took her time, connected well. Clear expectations. Knew family names never mentioned. Brought in important "side issues" I wasn't even aware of but which will be very helpful in dealing with the primary issue over time, as has been proven during the last 7 years.

– Patty

I first found Cully in January 2007. I was on the path of my self-destructive life and desperately needed to be "heard". As soon as I saw Cully's advertisement, I "felt" and "knew" she was the one I was meant to find in this particular life, and specific time, and journey. Cully is amazingly true in her readings. She is an extremely intuitive empath, who is non- intrusive, and non-judgmental. She is my spiritual advisor and I continue to consult with her frequently. I have grown and learned so much from her about my life and the purpose the universe had in mind for me in this lifetime. I have been so blessed by the Universe!

– Eleanor

So very kind and compassionate, and gives very detailed readings with time frames. Fantastic reader! So in-tune to the situation and is ethical

– Tina

I value Mountain Sage for her integrity, honesty, and clear guidance whether it is difficult to hear or not. She is always on target! 

– Laura