I am Cully, professional channel, clairvoyant, healer and medium - founder of the former Fire Heart Sweat Lodge in Santa Fe, NM.

My passion is metaphysical academics:  Oracle, Healing, Shamanism, Universal Laws and Principles, the Sacred Circle and Psychic Shielding.  Broad range focus includes study of Ascended Masters, Altars, Minerals, the Quantum Field and more.

Holding the honor of Oracle Carrier for my tribe, I have worked in person and telepathically with Native American indigenous teachers, as well as a gurugi in Mumbai, India.  I am a bridge - combining the east with the west, and New Age energy dynamics with indigenous wisdom, having both energies well-balanced in my lineage.

In fact, my indigenous lineage includes my grandfather, Sequoia, former medicine man and Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

In the quantum realm, I am known as an expert in accessing and teaching the inner spiritual tools to facilitate a major life shift in consciousness.  My clients say that I am gifted at clarity, focus and on the mark in guiding a clear path.

Born and raised in the south, I originally moved to Santa Fe in 1989 and currently reside here in the foothills of the Rockies with my four-legged daughter Elizabeth.  I enjoy spending my time mentoring my clients to find the answers they are seeking and reveling in the awe and mystery of this human journey as a spiritual being.