Do you have burning questions?  

Are you looking for detailed in-depth answers from a psychic sleuth?


Cully draws from a pool of ancestry in her direct lineage all the way back through many millennia.  Her more recent lineage includes her grandfather, Sequoia, former medicine man and Chief of the Cherokee Nation.  She has achieved a good balance between indigenous - the old ways - and New Age information in the way of the intuitive scientist and compassionate warrior.

Known for having an innate gift of clarity, she has broken many barriers in her quest for universal knowledge - bridging the old with the new and the east with the west. Magical Santa Fe, sacred to the ancient Native Americans who considered the land their temple, resonates with the high vibrational frequency of a finely tuned instrument for this meta-physician.

Consultations with Mountain Sage are full of the in-depth detailed answers you are seeking, including but not limited to the following areas of expertise:

Love and Relationship



Life Path

Past Lives

Energy Healing

Business Consulting

Life Coaching

Dream Analysis



Pet Connections

Cully invites you to become an active participant in the richly embroidered tapestry of your own unique Journey.  All the while, she will be holding "sacred space" for your process in the shamanic tradition. 


Before Cully I was a skeptic...

I didn't want to believe in psychic abilities. In fact, I'd fought my own such abilities for years. Cully knew things about me, my loved ones and my situation that she could not have known any other way but psychic ability. I am more convinced than ever that life, knowledge, information, all of it is energy, and that some of us are primed to receive it more clearly than others. Cully is a gifted receiver, and a good and decent human being. The reading she gave me was life-changing. I am grateful to the universe for leading me to her. 

- Alisa